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Book Of Silence: Second Entry

Destiny 2

Maybe I made the wrong choice. I dunno. I'm all about traversing the path less traveled but this might be a mistake. Accepting that invitation from The Nine might have been a mistake. What do we know about them other than what has been written? Nothing! They gave me a vision. . .about The Drifter. His past. What does it all mean?

I know Cayde was an ally to him...but like The Nine, how much can I say I know about the Drifter? A few stories told here and there, a few warnings, and handful of emails. I still feel like he's more straight forward than the Vanguard, but the City is crumbling without a speaker. On the surface it looks all business as usual. But it's what happens in the silence of the shadows that matter.

And speaking of shadows, The Emissary, what does she mean by "at least she chose this"? And "Dredgen can't be trusted". Does she mean the group or does she mean The Drifter? What did Cayde mean when he said in order for Drifter's plan to work, he'd have to come out of hiding? I don't know. This is all so very confusing. And who is "He" and what did the Emissary mean by "he changed"? It's too much.

I feel like every step with the Drifter takes me further away from the Light. Which is funny because I find that Ikora is going through some of the same. Every day she stands at the edge of the tower reflecting. She went through it the worst when she lost her light, but she was one of the few who supported me in my quest to avenge Cayde. I still look to her for guidance from time to time. Wish I could get her advice about this, but she would never understand.

She actually saw this Journal and asked me about it. She asked me why would I start keeping documentation so late in my journey. I didn't have an answer I could give her. However, fact is, Guardians have been dropping like flies. Ever since Ghaul, and so many of them dead without a trace. Now this business with the Drifter and The Nine. If it's one thing I learned from Cayde it's this. Keep notes. It leaves your allies something to reflect on and your enemies something to fear.

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