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Book Of Silence: Darkness Rises - 4th Entry


I've. . .been away. The days between entries have been vast as I've been caught up in the glitz and glam of what some Guardians have called the Season of Opulence. I call it the Season of Lies. The Menagerie, however, has been quite the experience. Presented by the Emperor himself, Callous. He's a strange one, to say the least. Lost in his own old world with ramblings of a bleak future...and hey, he could be right, but I can't help but wonder if there is any truth to his words. At least...HIS words. However, the fact remains that I've been tempted by a darkness so bright, the Drifter would cream his pants.

Then, this happened, a distress call from an old…"ally". The message: "Our old fears, will rise again. I've done something...foolish in the dark below. I've awakened something, wicked. Send help." She's sent out an APB about a disturbance on the moon? What the hell has she done now? I thought we were done on the moon. I was there when Crota was slayed. I saw the Guardian that put him down; with his own sword. So, just what the hell has Eris Morn awoken?

That's the problem with "The Hidden", it's what the drifter warned us about. Honestly, I still don't know who's a Shadow and who's with the Vanguard. I'm still unclear if the Hidden and the Shadow are connected. What makes matters worse, is that they all seem terrible. The Vanguard is always up to something. But as usual, all things done in darkness comes to light. And I can't wait to see what kind of chasm Morn has caused with her obsessive meddling.

Makes no difference. The battles I've fought on the Leviathan has made me strong. I've picked up a few new moves, a couple new items, and I'm nowhere near finished. Callous is definitely not to be trusted, but he's useful. If it's one thing I learned from the drifter, it's this; trust no one, but value their worth.

So I'll head to the moon, because I've spoken to the Emissary of the nine, I've had the visions, and the Drifter is definitely right about one thing...Darkness is approaching. And I have to be armed to the teeth. Not just with gear, but with knowledge. And if it's one thing Morn has, it's knowledge of the darkness. However, if Morn is in some way responsible for the Second Collapse. I need to know. And if her sorrow needs to be silenced. I'll be the one to place my finger to her lips, if you you know what I mean.

Until next time, remember, only Silence can end Sorrow...

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