Bleeding Edge: A Character Breakdown of Níðhöggr's Abilities and Supers

Now we're talking my kind of language. Arekkz has dropped another Bleeding Edge video and this one is a character breakdown of the one and only Níðhöggr! Now, I'm not quite sure how to pronounce that name, but I know one thing is certain. This guy brings the pain!

Níðhöggr is a "modified man" with augmentations based around his axe guitar who is consider to be one of those heavy DPS characters I love so much. With said axe weapon, he's believed to be the character that destroys players who use tanky characters. I'm looking at you Buttercup! But I mean lets be real, any character that's doing percentage of MAX health damage is definitely the one you want to use against big guys.

Níðhöggr is one of the few characters that have 4 "basic abilities" And first up we've got his Axe attack. Hitting X four times allows him to pull off one of the better looking combos in the game (that I've seen thus far). Adversely holding X releases a little electric shock that can hit one or multiple enemies if they are grouped up. From the video below it looks like it can only hit two at a time, but it does set enemies on fire. Which...yeah, WINNING!

He also has a passive ability, feedback. This grants "Life Steal" against burning enemies that even further makes his the prime choice again high life, tank like characters. Especially since as stated above, his Shredder ability releases a static shock that sets people on fire. WHICH, like I said: "YEAH, WINNING!"

Moving on to his 3 specials we've got some pretty cool ones. Again, some of the best looking I've seen so far. He has Fire Breath, Power Slide, and Boomitar. Even the names sound freaking dope! With Boomitar you throw out an electric energy in the form of your guitar that upon hitting enemies on release slows them down. However upon return if it hits an opponent it stuns them for a short duration of time. This is a clutch move for chasing characters that are on the brink of death because if you get the double hit you slow them for the chase and stop them for the catch. And again it just looks freaking cool.



Moving on to Power Slide, it's a great when to gain on the enemy while leaving a trail of fire in your wake. A trail that if touches an opponent, sets them a blaze, granting you that sweet, sweet life steal upon further attack. Additionally there's Fire Breath, that does exactly what it says. A cone of fire you spit that deals heavy damage while, you guessed it, setting your foe on fire. Everything about Níðhöggr just seems to work together. In a way that feels better than the other characters.

Níðhöggr's two supers are pretty fun as well. We have the first one, Death Growl. A move that prevents your opponent from using their special abilities. And the second is Ride The Lightning an AOE move that stuns all nearby enemies. Oddly enough none of these moves set people a blaze, however, the potential for team crushing moments are there when used at just the right time in coordination with your fellow teammates.

For more information about the character and a much more in depth and detailed breakdown of the character. As well as advice for setting up combos, be sure to watch Arekkz's video. And to stay up to date, you'll definitely want to subscribe to his channel as he'll be uploading content pretty regularly. His last Bleeding Edge video was about Zero Cool. Who just wasn't cool enough for us to cover as he's a healing support character, and that's just NOT how I roll.

The first beta launches February 14th and is available to all those who pre-ordered the game or participated in the technical alpha. If you've done neither of those things but have an active xbox game pass subscription, the beta will be available to you as well. Ninja Theory has stated to be on the look out for the app in the store when we get closer to the beta. All that said, the actual game release is March 24th and comes out as an xbox exclusive.

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