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Bleeding Edge: A Character Breakdown of Buttercup's Abilities and Supers

As a person who is sitting pretty waiting for Ninja Theory's new IP Bleeding Edge there isn't a lot I can do other than be patient. However, there are people who have the low down on the up and comings. And Arekkz is my GO TO GUY for all things game. So when he started dropping Bleeding Edge content I was all over it.

He's currently in the process of doing character breakdowns. So just in case you wanted to get some pre-knowledge on the the characters in the game and what they do. I've decided to bring you some of my favorites that I intend to try out when the game's Beta drops. So the below video is for the character Buttercup. It goes over tips and tricks, abilities, supers and more.

Buttercup is a single tire augmented, saw blade slinging, motorcycle loving tank type character. She uses her scorpion like ability to pull in opponents and really lay on the hurt. She's definitely the character you want to protect the objective or to prevent your opponents from reaching theirs.

Her main ability are Saw Blades. Hitting X three times allows her to pull off her combo that does that much needed chip damage. And as it seems like a more close quarters attack it helps keep the pressure on your opponent. Especially when coordinating with your teammates. She also has the ability to launch forward. Upon activating her second ability, which has a charge component to it, she launches forward with a shoulder charge which collects enemies on impact. The longer you hold the charge, the further the attack goes. It's truly something of beauty.


So all characters have 3 specials unique to their character and Buttercup is no different. She has Yank, Oil Slick, and Whiplash. Yank pulls enemies toward you allowing you to lay the chip damage and heavy pressure. Or as stated earlier, pulling them away from achieving an objective. Oil slick lays out a pool of oil that slows enemies which when paired with Yank can be quite the combo I would think. Lastly she has whiplash, which is an AOE (Area of Effect) attack that does a small amount of damage to all enemies nearby.

In addition to all this, characters also have 2 supers. Buttercup has Burnout which is another AOE attack that damages enemies and pushes them back. This move comes in clutch when either you or your teammates are surrounded taking heavy damage. Her second super is Turbo Charge. This move is a temporary buff that grants life steal and an increase to damage and max health. Which is a pretty big deal for an already tanky character.

For more information about the character and a much more in depth and detailed breakdown be sure to watch Arekkz's video. And to stay up to date, you'll definitely want to subscribe to his channel as he'll be uploading content pretty regularly. His last Bleeding Edge video was about Bleeding Edge's poster boy Daemon.

The first beta launches February 14th and is available to all those who pre-ordered the game or participated in the technical alpha. If you've done neither of those things but have an active xbox game pass subscription, the beta will be available to you as well. Ninja Theory has stated to be on the look out for the app in the store when we get closer to the beta. All that said, the actual game release is March 24th and comes out as an xbox exclusive.

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