Birds of Prey Trailer 2 Cures Our Fever, Not With Cow Bell, But With More Hyena

The next Birds of Prey trailer is now out, and it gives us more peeks at the Hyena, that she has so graciously named Bruce, "after that hunky Wayne guy." And its so awesome to see the movies utilizing more of the lore they come from.

In the comics Harley has 2 adorable Hyenas called Bud and Lou. Bud and Lou are spotted hyenas. In the comics she gets them around the time she decides to go solo and form her own gang. She made it her first mission to free Bud and Lou from the Gotham City Zoo. A place they ended up after Joker and Harley Quinn parted ways. Now even though she appears to get Bruce under similar circumstances in the movie. It looks like she gets him a different way. Now if the movie is going to be anything more like the comics. We might see Bruce get cat-napped. Maybe to be sold off as an exotic pet or as a lure to capture Harley and friends.

And even in reboot do we find Harley with Hyena. When DC hit the reboot with the New 52, Bud and Lou are still featured as Harley Quinn's pets. And in the "Death of the Family" story line, Joker gives them rabies and sics them on her. Forcing Harley to "kill" them or die. This was all done in an attempt to drive Harley mad. We later find out in Harley Quinn’s solo series that Bud and Lou survived the ordeal and recovered at a zoo, where they sired cubs with a few of the zoo’s female hyenas.

Bud And Lou

Bud and Lou's origin comes from the animated series. And in that series, writers Bruce Timm and Paul Dini wanted to do something different and fun with the Joker, Harley, and their crew. They visualized the bunch as an unhinged insane version of a family. Where Bud and Lou were the pets. Pets that were wild and dangerous is most situations, yet calm, cuddly, and tame in the presence of Quinn.

So far we only see one Hyena in all of the promotional material. Or at least it appears that way. Either way I'm excited that they're playing it just close enough to the source material that nerds like me can appreciate the nod. Hopefully we get a lot of hyena action to even further appreciate and if not action enough scenes to make us "woo" and "awwww". Birds Of Prey And The Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn drops Feb. 7th.

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