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BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT - Love, Sex, and Harley (Review)

First review of the New Year...and more importantly, my first read of the New Year and it's fucking beautiful. I'm not here to keep it kid friendly and censored. Im here to kick it to you real...and that is JUST what Sean Murphy does in this issue. He gives you the real, the rugged, the raw, the insightful, and most importantly a story you can continue to sink your teeth into. Issue 4 of White Knight proves that this isn't just a great story...but it's a message.

The Bright:

Look! Sean Murphy is killing it with this one. So I'm not going to waste time talking about art. We all no the man can draw his ass off and this issue is no exception. His lines with Hollingsworth colors is as vivid as one would expect it to be. What's to focus on in this issue is that the story is phenomenal. It all starts with the Mayor of Gotham telling Gordon to arrest Napier for any reason he can find. Even if Gordon has to make one up. This in the context of the story is such an excellent show of everything Napier is standing up against and it's the small subtleties of this series that truly stand out to me and this is one of them. We then see the magnitude of Jack's plan to further take down Batman. He announces his run for City Councilman...and nothing could make me smile more. On a side note, if Murphy ever revisited this world, I would love to see Napier and Luthor team up to take down Superman or do literally anything. Because if Murphy can recreate an iconic character such as The Joker, and make him even more sinister. Then I'd love to see his alt-world take on a Luthor. All that being said this issue's action is all in the words. I mean Neo-Joker caused a little Mayhem towards the end of the issue, but the real action was in her conversation with Napier. When she vows to bring the Joker out of him by doing what the Joker never could. Take Gotham. Also the end of this has quite the shocking reveal. That really had me gassed. This issue has just enough going on to not be too much and that's the brightest side of all.

The Dark:

If there is something wrong with this issue, then I don't wanna know. We're talking great writing, complimented with impactful art and vibrant colors. Eight issues doesn't seem like nearly enough. The panels lead your eye in a way that is fucking awesome.

The Unhinged:

A few parts really had me Mic Dropped. Lets talk about Napier and Quinn making sex! YEP! I won't even touch on the other thing that happened during these panels. Suffice it to say it blew my brain out the back of my skull. Like I knew this was coming because I follow Murphy on social media, however, seeing it live. For the first time. It's like watching a show for seasons knowing that two characters are destined to hook up...and then FINALLY getting to that episode. This was pure gold! The second mind blowing moment was Gordon going bad on Bats. "...if you really wanted to stop crime, you'd give me a fleet of Bat Mobiles and a thousand utility belts so I could distribute the to the real heroes out there..." DAAAAAAAMN Gordon! Tell us how you really feel. As someone who DESPISES the Batman Character I sure do read a lot of Batman Comics. Ha! No, but this has always been a great argument of mine and I love seeing Gordon of all people telling Batman to fuck off and in style. What style you might ask...well imagine this. Back turned to Batman, whom is in the middle of starting a sentence Gordon goes: "isn't this the part when you magically disappear? Let me save you the trouble..." and then walks the fuck away. BARS! This issue has a secret gem in it and it's called Commissioner James Gordon. The last mind melting moment is at the end of the issue and is too good to spoil. Just be prepared to become undone.

Fact is this issue has a lot going in perfectly. I didn't even touch on the Police Brutality, the White Savior, or Political parts of this issue. That's because it's apparent once you read it. That's because it's tastefully done. And might I add, as a person of pigment in America, a lot of this series definitely stands out to me. It also goes to show a loud truth about this day and age. Oppression has only one color...and that color is green. If you're the oppressed and underfunded you only want one thing. To be heard. To be seen. For people to know you exist and for Murphy to use the Joker in this way. Not only to speak his truth in the series, but to use this series to speak his truth to us is nothing short of Genius. And I hear you Sean. I can only hope others are listening as well.

That being said. Politics aside. . .if you're not reading this series yet! Get on this series. Don't wait for a trade. Get it while its hot. Be apart of history.

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