Batman: The Drowned #1 Review

Let me start by saying...that THIS is how you tell an alternate Bruce Wayne story! On a gender swapped world Bryce Wayne is Gotham's Dark Knight and she's one bad ass, bat crazy woman! With the loss of her closest love Sylvester, she sets out to put an end to the meta-humans of the world until there is no one left. After an interaction with Aquawoman she throws the world into the deep end in the name of peace. So lets dive in (pun intended) and see if it's really worth your money!

The Light:

This book is goes to show you how dangerous Burce Wayne could be if he decided to go rogue. And as silly as that premise is, it's a very real one in the DC Universe, and it would do our heroes some good to remember that when Metal is all said and done. This Narative driven story comes from the point of view of The Drowned herself. It is beautifully written and gives you a true sense of who Bryce is. Her mentality of "Don't be the one drowned. Be the one doing the drowning" is something that can resonate with us all. After she kills the Queen of Atlantis. The Atlanteans wage war on Gotham, drowning the whole city. So Batwoman undergoes self conducted surgery to not only give her the ability to breathe underwater, but to gain powers as well. Deadly and dangerous powers over the sea and those there in it. All of this magnificent story was complimented by artist Philip Tan and colorists Dean White & Arif Prianto. The paneling is gorgeous. The pages are stunning. The lines, the use of space, the colors, facial expressions all flawless. It's just so well done. Another thing that really ressonates with the times is that at one point Bryce, while talking about her plan to drown Amnesty Bay she says: "Call this an act of piracy. The 'Have-Nots' taking what they need from the 'Haves'. The Disenfranchised seeking redress. A seizure of goods. A restoration of balance." It's such good dialogue and speaks to the fact that as evil as she might be, she didn't ask for any of this. Her world was dead the moment it was created. Her view of unfairness and retributions is one that we can all relate to. This is honestly one of the best Nightmares to come out of Bruces mind so far and I hope she gets her own run one day.

The Dark:

Nothing! There isn't one bad thing about this book. In fact, I find once again, that the worst part of this issue is that there will only be one.

The Unhinged:

The whole fucking book is pretty nuts. The flooding of Amnesty Bay. Bryce do surgery on herself to make her a God! Her ability to summon "Dark Water". It's all nuts. Abnett pours his soul out on the pages of this issue and Tan combined with White & Prianto sets the paints the picture of just that. The end of this issue will have you embracing all the feels. And that's pretty big. I found myself feeling for her, feeling for Aquaman, and realizing that this even will have severe and powerful ramifications of the DC universe forever! Or at least until their next "rebirth". However, this is a timeline worth keeping!

With that being said. This is clearly worth your time, your money, and your pull. This book will go down in history as one of the best Issues in this series ever written. I can only hope that the rest of the introductions are as good. I didn't even MENTION The Batman Who Laughs in this one. Fucking Phenomenal! The way this team captures his essence was epic. A leader of chaos guided the lost ones to the world of light. Fucking Lucifer incarnate. Get this book not now, but right now! Regardless of if you're following the series or not. This is a MUST READ, MUST SEE, and MUST HAVE!

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