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Batman: The Dawnbreaker...More like Batman: The Yawnmaker! (Review)

The Red Death! The Murder Machine! These are great one shot stories. They are self contained, vibrant, and loud! Stories that make you want to know what lead to their culmination. Then you have The Dawnbreaker. It's all over the place, dull, and full of nonsense. However, every cloudy day has a sliver lining. Let's find out if this issue if worth your effort.

The Light:

Well first's a comic book. SO there's that. Also, the Dawnbreaker's Might chant is pretty epic...

The Dark:

Lets just be real! This issue is awful. From beginning to end. It details Bruce's parent's death, glosses over a YOUNG Bruce's acquisition of the Green Lantern ring all while giving him will power that is unbecoming of a ANY universe. This is an untrained, untested, un-strengthened Bruce Wayne that they've given the cruelest intentions and the most power. Also it just makes him dark and gloomy for no reason. Even by Batman standards.The dialogue is awful and the murderous lust of Bruce Wayne makes no chronological sense. Now let's talk about what Van Sciver is doing with the art. It's equally as terrible. The paneling is muddled and chaotic. The art work is stiff and ugly. Even the page that brings in the Green Lantern Corps makes the Corps look clownish and disproportionate. This issue is manages to make The Batman Who Laughs boring and mundane. Like what the fuck!? It's as though there was no research done on any of the characters what-so-ever. Sciver even makes battles boring by lazily turning panels black with this idea that Dawnbreaker controls darkness and then we're just supposed to accept that. Utter nonsense.

The Unhinged:

I'd like to say it was cool watching Dawnbreaker take on the Corps and the Guardians, but you lose the hype when you black out the panels. I'd also like to say it was nuts when Dawnbreaker blew Gordon to dust, but without the actual intensity of a reason. It's hard to appreciate it.

The fact is this issue is not worth it. A lot of sites are praising it as a truly Alternative story of Bruce Wayne, however, there would have to be a story there to start with. All this issue does if change Bruce's direction from Batman to Dawnbreaker without reason. He then adopts the Bat mantle/logo for no apparent reason other than the fact he's supposed to be. This is by far the worst thing I've read since I've started getting back into comics. My advice, there is no reason to pull this issue. Hell, there isn't even a reaon to read it. It's the only one so far NOT narriated by The Batman Who Laughs and the lack of creativity and artistic drive really speaks to just how terrible this issue is!

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