Batman And The Signal: A great story with a blemish...(REVIEW)

3 issues is too short a run to really get into the meat of Batman and the Signal. However, that's all we're getting right now. That being said, this issue picks up immediately after the events of issue #1. Which, seems like a no brainer, however, it picks up immediately after the shocking discovery made by The Signal at the end of Issue 1. So we know that I was pretty ecstatic about #1 so lets find out how #2 keeps the blood flowing.


Again I don’t know who’s at the helm of this story, if it’s 50/50, or if Snyder pitched it and Patrick runs with it, but let me tell you. The shit is bananas. B.A.N.A.N.A.S! The start of this issue starts like a scene right out of The Flash or Green Arrow. With Duke a.k.a The Signal receiving help via intercom from friends and past Robins Izzy & Riko. And it’s such a refreshing tone for the Bat Family. From there, after the battle against the three baddies, the book falls into a teen melodrama with Riko and Duke having a lovers quarrel of sorts. The dialogue is so good in this issue. Also the panels are done way better than the first issue. Aside from the near panel for panel credits splash page matching the credit splash page from issue one. Everything I griped about with panelling in Issue 1 was done way better in this one. It leads the eye effortlessly from one panel to the next.


Well where the writing soars, the art falls flat. Where as in issue 1, some panels looked rushed. In this one they ALL did. The art looks sloppy, the coloring looks lazy. And the pages feel flat. It’s really ashamed too because one can tell that writer Tony Patrick is giving it his all, but his all isn’t complimented by Hamner or colorist Laura Martin. Who, if I’m being honest, seems to be hindered by the poor art of Hamner.


This Null guy is a menace. Like wicked evil with insane powers. Paralyzing Signal with is crazy space sphere powers. How fucking epic is he? I truly hope they expand on The Signal and make the Null a permanent pain in his side.

Look, we’re all hyped off the Black Panther. Black Lightning is also making waves on the CW. So this series (that I always want to call a show) is resonating heavily with me, at the very least. Unfortunately, the art is just not up to the quality of the writing. Like I actually enjoyed reading this issue the same as I do watching an episode of The Flash or Gotham. I’m excited for the reveal of the big villain (even though it would appear apparent who it is).

So is it worth your time? Yes! However, don’t expect to be blown away from the art, just buckle up for a good ass read!