Apex Legends Fans Want To Give A Lifeline To Mozambique


What world did I wake up in this week. After personally coming off of some of the hardest weeks I've had this year it's so refreshing to see such light shining in an otherwise dark state of the world. First we had the overwhelmingly positive response to the news that Transgender, Deaf, POC actor Chella Man would be taking to Titans in the role of long time fan favorite Jericho, and now this.

In an article discovered on dexerto it is reported that fans of Apex Legends want to help the victims of Cyclone Idai, which made landfall in the East African nation of Mozambique on March 14. Doing considerable amounts of damage to the city of Beira as well as the surrounding area. According to dexerto, "after news of the cyclone broke, one Apex fan named SaunaTimeMachine made a post suggesting the game’s developers offer some kind of custom Mozambique skin to raise money for victims of the disaster." All it took was that one post on reddit to inspire tens of thousands to want to do what they can to help.

Now currently Repawn doesn't have any official way to help donate to the cause, and of course as the article states people can always do things like donate to organizations like Red Cross or Mission Mozambique. However, this was a pretty dope instance of people coming together and trying to come up with a mass solution for the greater good. So hats off to SaunaTimeMachine, the culture needs more gamers like you, rising above and looking to impact.