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Apex Legends' Battle Pass And Why I Picked It Up...

Apex Legends

There is no denying that Apex Legends is a fun game with a unique take on the Battle Royale genre. And though I haven't been able to drown as much time into it as I would like, it's definitely heat pounding every time I hop in a game. That said, Respawn launched their first season battle pass today to the dismay of many of the fans. However, I don't get it. It gives you more than enough things to grind for, and some of those things are coin. From what I can tally, you pretty much can make all the money you spent on the Battle Pass back through leveling your pass. Which you can then use to purchase characters or hold on to until the next season. So what seems to be the problem with Legends' Battle Pass.

Plain and simple, it's not Fortnite. Now I've never played Fortnite seriously, but what I can tell is that when it drops a season pass it drops it hard. With new skins, map changed, weapons, emotes, the full nine yards plus some. And Apex Legends just didn't deliver that level of "wow" to certain gamers. Just take a look of some of the tweets below:

I mean it's absolutely ridiculous that people would expect this game to be similar in how they deliver content. I don't believe Apex is here to give us a new dance that children do for years on. I think it's for hardcore gamers that would rather play than watch. So the pass comes with only four new skins; so what? If I wanted to look cool I'd go play Anthem or Destiny. Now I can understand wanting to look boss, however this is here I believe Legends is out to appeal to the hardcore.

See, there are badges, card backgrounds, and a bunch of other customization options that showcase your commitment to the grind and your ability to be fierce on the battlefield. Not in the next match screen. There are even loot boxes within the battle pass that give you even more back for your coin. Which I remind you will be rewarded to you to you as you progress with the Battle Pass.

This Battle Pass also comes with a new character, Octane. Who, though isn't my cup of ale, definitely seems like a Hardcore players kind of guy. Octane’s abilities are built around his health giving him constant stem packs. Meanwhile his tactical allows him to move faster at a cost to his his health. So it's a beautiful balance of give and take. While Octane’s ultimate ability, Launch Pad, lets you throw launch pads on the ground that allows you or your teammates to boost into the air. Setting up some great tactical moments during the span of game play.


Also, I feel like these new characters are how Apex is delivering on "skins". Players have to remember that this isn't Fortnite. Apex took it's own path from jump and will continue to do so and continue to be great.

Fact is Apex Legends has a following and a lot of those followers have come from Fortnite. So it's not going to be able to please all of the players. And I feel there are those who play for the thrill and those who play for the frill. I want Apex to succeed so I want it to make money and it will. But for people to jump on it's pass so early in the game's life cycle seems pretty asinine. However, as I always say. Haters gonna hate, I for one, however, am very impressed with all Apex has to offer so far.

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