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American Carnage #1 Review: THIS IS AMERICA!

Since the relaunch of Vertigo it's seem to have had one motto. GO BIG or GO HOME! And it would appear that they have no intentions on going home. American Carnage joins the line of great titles that holds a mirror up to America and screams: "THIS IS WHO YOU ARE". N*gger Feeb is how the second page of this issue opens up as a lynched man hangs from a tree with a burning house in the background. The words N*gger Feed written on a sign hanging from his body. This is the type of comic book that gets nationalist is a tissy and good ol boys taking to the web screaming their gonna boycott the comic. And that's just awesome. Much like how Border Town took shots at the MAGA, "get er done" hardcore members. American Carnage is going after racism, police brutality, and so much more.

American Carnage, written by Bryan Hill, seems to revolve around Richard King. An ex-F.B.I agent turned slummy detective. This title clearly has plans to to shine a huge America's Got Talent spotlight on many of the issues that's got this country so screwed up today. What Hill does with this issue is set the tone. In just one issue he sets the stage perfectly for a story about a white-supremacist hate group and the inner turmoil of a man looking for redemption.

American Carnage

Now, that's not to say that everything about the story is perfect. But if you can look past all the cliches that lay within the pages. You get a truly fully fleshed world that will shock and enthrall you. And Hill isn't bringing you this story on his own. There's something that Leandro Fernandez and Dean White bring to this story helps give it that extra guac.

That last page of skin heads with their guns and dogs. A cross burning to the background. Is just a thing of beauty. And then you look deeper and you have a grandpa on grilling up some steaks. Kids playing, country club members having cocktails and talking. You have a perfect depiction of White America. And it speaks volumes. Fernandez's art isn't neat or perfect. In fact, it's slightly amateur, and I don't know if its intentional but either way. It's one of those styles that work with the story.

A lot of lines are clean and panels are dynamic and detailed. And then you have those colors, or lack there of. The

panels depicting King's backstory were in a glorious gray scale. This, I think is a representation of the fact that being a cop isn't always black and white. You have an officer in pursuit of a kid who then reaches inside his jacket to be gunned down. Only for King to find that the kid was reaching for a cell phone. It's a point of view we rarely get to see and it doesn't make it right, but it makes you think and having these panels in grays and purples are pretty intense. So much respect to White.

I have a huge feel that Hill plans on touch a variety of topics with the coming issues. Spanning from how the government have become blatant liars to how the rich, white, and powerful are really running this country. This comic isn't for the weak of heart or the easily offended. It's for people who can take a does of truth with a heavy volt of reality. I'm excited to see how much horse power Hill and Fernandez bring to issue 2 because it's gonna be pretty hard to top a baby wrapped in a Nazi blanket.

How do you feel about American Carnage? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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