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A Destiny Worth Fighting For...(A Letter To Bungie)

When Destiny was first announced it took the world by storm. The boasted large worlds to explore. Excellent multiplayer experience, a wide array of loot to collect, and so much more. They also teased a story that didn't include not having time to explain not having time to explain. Hell if you look at the below trailer you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

THEN, Destiny dropped...and it...was...meh! The main story was beaten with in hours. You level capped rather immediately, and aside from grinding to increase your light level there was nothing much else to do except wait for the raid, pvp, and strike. Over time, around the hours of The Taken King DLC we were delivered the game that was promised to us. And it was Glorious. And honestly I played D1 till the fucking wheels fell off. Those tires popped right around the time I got the confirmation that we'd not be truly porting our characters over and that we'd be starting from scratch. That was at most disappointing. It sucked the drive to continue playing D1 right out of me and the more and more I found out about D2 initially I lost faith in the franchise. Oh yeah, and remember that whole 10 year thing!? Whatever happened to that? Is D2 it because it's a sorry excuse for extended content.

Look we all know the state of D2 is bad and a far cry from what D1 was. Just check out these videos posted by KackisHD and Datto:

As you can see Destiny fans are a passionate bunch, however more importantly you can see that the changes they have made in the transition from D1 to D2 are "simply put" awful. And no one knows or understands why. SO with that being said I implore Bungie to listen to their community and do the right ting, I've only known Bungie for Halo. Halo was fun, exciting, and had edge of your seat, sweaty palms multiplayer, accompanied by fantastic story and mind blowing music. They have the ability to be great it only they return to their roots.

I know I'm a small voice in the community, however, here's what I'd like to see happen in Destiny 2.


What ever happened to him. All the evidence from TTK (The Taken King) suggested he was still alive. He was to already be an interesting character and then they dumbbed him down in favor of "The Stranger". Which, by the way, ALSO FUCKING DISAPPEARED! What ever happened to her. She wasn't the most interesting character, but hell, she had potential. However, I digress; can we please bring him back. If not in a major way, then something small. A quest giver of sort. Tie him to strikes. Bring him back as a fucking vendor. I don't care. I would just love some closure of the events of D1. I mean what was Eris talking about at the end of TTK for example. She was by far the most interesting character that Destiny had to offer and so far they've merely snuffed her out. I'm good with the introduction of new characters like Shino and the infamous Osiris. However, can we not just fuck off all of the other running storylines that are technically running congruently.


You know you did Bungie and I want them back. We payed for those planets and we want them back. Hell you're force feeding us old exotics so why not give us back the Moon, Mars, The Cosmodrome? When a game like World of Warcraft adds a new expansion we don't lose locations. And that's how I see D2. It's a shitty expansion that only took away from us the things we fought to hard to get. You could have reworked earth and added the EDZ. It's just mind numbing to me Bungie would put this slice of bland ass bread on the table and call it a meal. It's really laughable.

Allow The Equip Of Multiple Exotic Pieces:

This is just a peeve of mine. I don't know too many games that limit your ability to wear exotic armor sets, if any. Yet, Destiny is all about JUST ONE. And I can partially understand why that is, however, it seems silly. If you would simply make Exotics harder to get and something you have to work for, there would be no reason to cap us at one. I always wished I could wear Cayde's gear or Zavala. Then Shiro's gear wa so raw it's crazy! Why can't we get similar style armor? I mean I wouldn't mind rocking some Eris Morn gear. I think at the end of the day we can all admit we want variety and Exotics offer that, but since we're limited to one per, you find you end up looking like everyone else.


Do the right thing Bungie. Just listen to the people are saying. You took our vault space, our favored classes, our locations, our game types. This hardly feels like Destiny 2. It's more like Diet Destiny. I know I'm not saying anything new, but I do think it bears saying again. I'm a fan of the franchise and I want it to be great. With Monster Hunter World right around the corner it would appear that a huge amount of Destiny players are gonna jump ship. and that's gonna suck. I wish Destiny 2 had more enemy types, more locations, better story, and more to do. Bungie, you've done it before. You fixed what we all hated and made D1 a masterpiece. Now is your chance to do it again. Except this time don't charge 50 bucks for an "expansion". You guys fucked up. You gave us pretty much trash in comparison and just expected it to rock. Fix your mistakes, listen to the community, or soon there won't be a community to listen to.

Thanks you for your time Bungie, now is your chance to Become Legend.


Guardian PsychwardD

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