The Mandalorian Chapter Three Review: This Changes Everything...

The Mandalorian

Chapter 3 of the Mandalorian is out today and it is a killer. When the series dropped Chapter 1 was underwhelming, chapter 2 was subpar, so I wasn't expecting much from chapter 3. But I'll be damned if it didn't all come together is stellar fashion. Chapter 3 was a huge leap from what the show has been. And I hate to sound like a person who only cares about action and not story, but I was hooked from the moment he delivered the package.

Chapter 3 sees Mando fighting his urge to do what is right over what is expected. And I still can't say Pascal is killing this role yet because he still sounds drab. Where as the other armor clad actress' and actors have range in their tone of voice. Hell, and some of them are extras. However, Pascal definitely had more body language happening in this chapter, than in the first 2. But I think that is what it is at this point. What I really want to talk about is the tone of this chapter.

As I said in the begging of this article. I don't want to come off as an action loving dude bro. Earlier this week I took to instagram stating I didn't believe that Baby Yoda would be with us long. I truly felt it was fan fodder and Mando would turn him into the baddies. However, as the episode started I found myself feeling anxious. And I realized I never wanted to be more wrong about anything. I also found myself starting to dislike Mando as a person. Then I realized I was enjoying the Mandalorian finally. My heart raced from beginning to end. When I capped it all off with a huge smile.

This chapter also has a great moment of Mando sparring with another Mandalorian that showcases both the importance of their helmets as well as some solid exposition as to why the Mandalorians are in the position that they are in. That said, there's also a moment right before Mando gets his dope ass armor, that you get to see a few bad ass Mandalorians and how they look in comparison to our hero. Really this episode was all about explanation. We got learn a little bit more about the Baby Yoda and the fallen empire has planned for him. Also and clearly, we are confirmed that Baby Yoda is a he. This is an episode chopped full of yum!

And earlier I called Mando a hero, and I think we can start calling him them now. This show ends on some Star Wars, Attack Of The Bounty Hunters stuff. Mando does the right thing and what ensues from that pure gold. I mean honestly, I didn't see this coming at all. And even if I did, I definitely didn't expect it to unfold in the manner that it does. These are the completely Unhinged moments that we were expecting from Favreau and a Star Wars show about a warrior race of born commandos. And without giving away too much, this ending, and honest whole chapter really showcases the many weapons in the Mandalorian’s arsenal. And not just his, but the tribes'. Also that scene where Mando goes "I gotta get one of those" WHAT!? Ummmmm, yes and please!

This is honestly the episode we've been waiting for. When I started watching this. I said I was going to give it until episode 3. Because if it's not hitting the right notes by then; then it's never going to. And now here we have it, we learn the Mandalorian can only do so much before morals kick in and so, the bounty hunter become the bounty hunted. And as we've learned Mandalorian numbers were already low. So what do these actions mean his fellow Mandalorians near and far? Also, what role will Baby Yoda play moving forward? And how will his existence affect the Star Wars universe as a whole?

Have you watched Chapter 3 of the Mandalorian? What was your take away from it? Let us know in the comments section below. This Is The Way!

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