Watchmen Episode 2 Review: Regina King Is Killing It!

Watchmen Episode 2

We are two episodes strong right now. And I want to emphasize STRONG! Episode 2 of Watchmen came out swinging. This episode picks up right where the last one left off. With wheelchair bound Will Reeves sitting under the strung up body of the chief of police. And might I just add, this character played by Louis Gossett Jr. is full of intrigue and mystery. And even knowing what I know now about him, which changed what I thought I knew, I'm still pleasantly confused.

However, what more does one expect from the guy who brought us Lost, Damon Lindelof. He has always seemed to have an ability to create a narrative that comes from many angels, yet culminates at a single point. His usage of historical facts combined with the fictions history is just nerdgasmic. This episode for example reveals what the White Night was, as well as details where Angela's children came from. All the while creating more questions. Like what is going on with Veidt? Jeremy Irons is just killing it and keeps us curious. Lindelof knows exactly how to keep us coming back for more. And I haven't been this hooked of a show since Game Of Thrones.

The best thing about this episode is that even at a slower pace than the last one, it is still engaging and captivating. It follows a very comic book esq style. Opens with two people at a New Paper stand talking politics, yet in a way, foreshadowing the coming episode. And while we are on the subject of the episode and comics. The transitions in this episode are so dope. After watching the first one and noticing all the small easter eggs and awesome camera tricks. I paid close attention to this episode, and lets just say the Manhattan lights shine bright and that the episode is beautiful shot.

Yet again the shocker at the end is mind blowing. And if Lindelof can keep this pace and level of intrigue up. We might truly have a masterpiece on our hands here. This show is unapologetic and uses race in a way that doesn't come off cheezy or preachy, but practical. It's the core of the story while body is based in fiction. If done wrong, it could have tanked the whole project. Lindelof is striking a great balance of fiction and reality. So I implore you that if you're not watching Watchmen, then you need to watch it. Tick tock, tick tock.

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