Elder Scrolls: Legends Puts On It's Best Face For It's Date With Consoles!

I found Elder Scrolls online late in it's release. In fact I only started playing a mere couple months ago. For those of you new to the game...it's been out for about a year now. So Yeah, LATE! That being said it has done nothing but captivate me and keep me enthralled. I've played my way up to level 39 and haven't found a reason to stop playing yet. Through heavy grinding, almost everything can be attained through gameplay...anyway, I say all that to say. This is a solid mobile TCG well worth your time, and I've played everything from Pokemon to Yu-Gi-Oh. Hell, I've even played more obscure cardgames such as Magi-Nation. So I know my stuff.

And now, announced at E3 2018, Legends is coming to consoles with a revamped interface. This can only spell good things for owners of a Switch, PS4, or an Xbox One! Not only will it feature a revamped interface, but a overhauled menu and playmat as well. A playmat that is said to truly showcase the level of epic with imagine while playing cards and "casting spells". And this isn't just speculation. This is all according to a news post from Bethesda’s Parker Wilhelm.

Best part is. You'll never have to start over. So whether you play on Mobile, PC, Tablet, or Console. All of your progress, wins & losses, and collections are saved to your Bethesda.net account. Talk about DOPE! But hey, don't take my word for it. Check out the sweet, sweet, trailer below. No word yet when we're getting a console release. However, when we find out, you'll be the first to know. So make sure you sign up for email alerts for new content.

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