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David Booth Interview

So when it comes to reviewing comics, we go hard on lines, composition, colors, panels, etc. So it's safe to say we love the art and how is relates to the the tone of the comics. Well we wanted to get into the mind of an artist and see what makes them tick and what their artistic process. We caught up with a budding artist outta Winter Haven, FL, David Booth. If that name doesn't sound familiar, don't feel bad. Just know that Booth is working on and will become a household name when it comes to out there and original pieces of work.

G.U: So David, thanks for allowing us to learn a little bit more about you and what you do. Let's start with you telling us just that. For people who might not know. What is it exactly that you do?

D.B: I’m an artist and Graphic Designer. I love comics and animation a great deal. G.U: Why? Why art? Why this medium?

D.B: I’ve always been fascinated with 2D, traditional animation. The movement and the life on paper is actually why I went to school for animation, which is where we originally met! However, animation didn't fit into my life as easily as comic art and graphic design. So animation just remains a love and a hobby. Comics have also been a big influence. My Dad would read Calvin and Hobbes to me growing up. That’s something that really stuck with me. I’ve always been a big fan of teen drama, thus, my favorite super hero comic would be Spiderman. I do seem to prefer the independent and darker comics with stories no one has seen yet, I suppose less punching more... investigating. An example of that would be the comic Murder Mysteries, a graphic Novel my cousin turned me on to a long time ago. Deep stuff. G.U: Nice, definitely something I'll have to check out, But tell us a little about how you work?

D.B: As often as possible! I have 2 kids and we used to have a house that was a fixer upper, so I did it have as much time to draw as I would have liked. But my wife has been amazingly supportive and pushed me to pursue art in any direction I want to take it. With that being said, I mainly draw on my iPad (regular, not pro) while being in the room with the kids. Drawing on the iPad is like having half your tools taken away...“this may be a bad analogy but...I go with it”. I'm reminded about Jack White the lead singer / artist of the White Stripes. He would practice his songs on a shitty pawn shop guitar purposely because it was harder for him to play on a lesser crafted instrument, something not as finely tuned. He had to work harder. When he went into the studio to record he would pick up his “Good Guitar” and the song would be 2nd nature, come out effortlessly, and sound great, because he had to work so hard; anyway, drawing on an iPad with "less tools" and no pen pressure on a couch on a living room is not ideal for digital art. However, we just bought a new house and I have an office now so we’ll see if I’m just full of shit or not.

G.U: [Laughs] Well congratulations on your acquisition of a new home for sure. So I know that artist have a unique way of seeing themselves, so to speak. So let me ask you an odd ball question. If you had to identify with a type of art, which would it be?

D.B: Identify? Well, I fucking love classical oil painting. I went to D.C. to the Smithsonian Art Museum and saw Rembrandt paintings and Bartolome Murillo paintings. One of which is a personal favorite called simply “Two women at a window”. G.U: How come?

D.B: Back in the 1800 and before painting was the only way you could capture..."the times". But not only did they capture the subject; they captured their emotions on the painting as well. How they painted, the light and color they used, even the brush strokes or lack there of. G.U: What type of works do you enjoy doing most?

D.B: Odd pieces, where I feel it’s not a main stream subject or an idea not thought of before. G.U: Why's that?

D.B: Well, I see a lot of derivative work 100,000 artists on instagram all drawing Spider-Man in their own style... and I’m guilty of this too. But, I like most people enjoy eating. And people know Spider-Man he’s cool he’s safe. 1,000 people will see my spider man and may purchase a Print. Perhaps 50 people will see my weird personal art with no reference. So to get paid the odds are in the favor of mainstream. G.U: What are you hoping all of this helps you accomplish on a professional level?

D.B: Only to get better every day. I feel if I keep drawing it will happen. Maybe publish a comic one day. G.U: What's your favorite art work?

D.B: Of my own?

G.U: Yeah.

D.B: I don’t really have one. If I were to choose it would be my Breakfast Club picture, where some bacon is pouring syrup on a waffle while an egg beats off in the background... G.U: If you could work with any one artist who would that be?

D.B: Mmmm Gareth Davies big fan of his work. He make there small illustrations but they have so much soul. He’s @Spudonkey on instagram. G.U: Definitely another thing for me to check out. What do you dislike about the art world?

D.B: The money side of it. I’d draw for free if I could, I can’t.

G.U: What do you dislike about your own work?

D.B: I’m too fast. I try to finish a piece as fast as I can to get it out into the world. Instead of trying to make it better. I need to be at 3 amazing pieces instead of 30 not really good pieces.

G.U: So with inspiration coming from any where. What inspires you?

D.B: My wife, our experiences mostly funny stuff. Oh and music a lot! G.U: And when you're in that mode of "lets do this". What tunes are you blasting?

D.B: The 1st song that jumps out is Jake Bugg- Simple as this , i must have listened to that 30 time when I first found it. But I love all music. Trap, Electro-Swing, Death Metal, Rap, R&B, Grunge , Indi, Golden Age Cruning. Most everything, although I won’t voluntary listen to country, that’s too far. [Laughs] G.U: What about the foods you're munching on?

D.B: Mountain Dew of course. I must be caffeinated, and I developed some stomach issues so coffee is off the table. Also, sandwiches love sandwiches. G.U: Should art be funded?

D.B: Sure, Alfons Mucha was funded by private collectors and companies in the early 1900’s, he was pretty much a graphic designer and his style and art is emulated to this day. G.U: What role would that play in the artistic world if it were?

D.B: What do you mean?

G.U: Like do you think it would hurt or benefit the artist's creative freedom?

D.B: Well, where's the money coming from? For example, I'm in the business of funded art. Graphic Design. It kind of sucks making other people art, but as long as you have leeway or room to make personal decisions, it would be fine with me. Also, as long as I have a free market to to sell art without restriction.

G.U: So what is your dream project

D.B: Really just one with where I can weave a narrative and draw something amazing. G.U: So as you know, this is a comic book and tech site. So if you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

D.B: My friends and I would always ask each other this question, but no canned responses like fly or see through walls into the girls locker room. So I chose the ability to grow hair. Anywhere on me or someone else.

G.U: Why that power? Such a unique choice.

D.B: I don't'd be funny. I could make myself look like a Viking, fast hair growth without waiting, or just make someone really furry. G.U: [Chuckles] Seems impractical, but to each their own. On to the heavy question! What phone are you rocking right now?

D.B: iPhone 7+

G.U: Why that one?

D.B: The iPhone doesn’t lag when opening apps or swiping to different screens... that would always piss me off with other phones. G.U: We know you do digital work. What's your set up like?

D.B: Wacom tablet with iMac at the desk rocking Photoshop. Otherwise iPad with Sketchbook pro. G.U: What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

D.B: Always wear a condom G.U: What's next for you?

D.B: Action, I can dream all day but nothing will get done that way. Put it into action. Fail. Learn from my mistakes and try again.

And that's all any of us can do. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Booth. He's done a great deal for me over the years and it's been a pleasure getting to pick his brain and seeing how he works, Make sure that you guys are check him out because he's one talented S.O.B! And that's not just true..that's damn true!

Instagram: boothinkart

Twitter: Boothinkart

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