DC Metal Tie-In Review: The Gotham Resistance Wins!

Teen Titans issue 12 is titled Gotham Resistance and is a Dark Nights Metal tie-in. For those of you just tuning in. Dark Nights Metal is a Scott Snyder run with Greg Capullo about Batman, a Dark Multiverse, and the ultimate evil. Now I know what you're thinking. "Seriously Johnny, 'ULTIMATE'? What makes this evil more ultimate than what Batman and the Justice League have faced before." Come at me bro! It's simple. The answer is simply these are all different versions of Batman. I imagine same intellect, same cunning, and no moral compass. So yeah...imagine Batman gone bad, with powers. The DC Universe is fucked and this fact isn't more apparent than in this 12th issue of Teen Titans Rebirth. In this review I'm gonna do a little something different. I'm gonna give you the Bright (positive), the Dark (negative), and the Unhinged (something that stood out the most).

The Bright

This issue is full of characters and they all stand out beautifully. Every panel, every page drawn done well to showcase the personality of the character or characters on the page. This book is less of a Teen Titans book than it is a story about Robin looking for his dad. Let's be real, the last time he saw his pops, Superman was whisking him off his feet whispering sweet nothings in his ear. So again the story follows Robin on his search to find Batman, but along the way he encounters the Riddler. The Riddler, who had a brief encounter with, (which is by far my FAVORITE Nightmare), The Batman Who Laughs and now has a few better tricks up his sleeve because of it. Robin is well written and all of the characters he encounters on the way are as well. All of their personalities shine through, while never taking the spotlight off the fact that Robin is the star of the issue. As a point of reference I've always thought Stephen Amell's version of Green Arrow was too serious or lets say the CW's version. Where as even in this dire situation Oliver Queen still finds ways to be witty. Here is a panel where Robin calls him a second stringer and say's he doesn't need his help and Arrow responds with: "with that warm and snuggly attitude--I bet you've got a lot of friends." To me this kind of back and forth they had going was just great and worth picking up the issue for that alone. Damien's Robin truly reminds me of Batman and the only other Robin that's every stood out to me as GREAT was Tim Drake's. Mirka Andolfo some some crazy stuff with the art here too. The introduction of The Batman Who Laughs on those first 3 pages almost stole the show, but seeing what the "Resistance" have to go up against was truly a site to behold. However, the reason the art doesn't steal the issue is again, because the writing is so damn good. When Robin goes through the step by step breakdown of solving one of Riddler's riddles...it was truly a glorious thing.

The Dark

Not much to rag on about this issue except that it's not a Teen Titans issue. It's clearly very Robin forward and if you were looking for how the events of Metal is affecting this team you wont find that here. Also for all the build up of this issue, all the beautiful writing and art. The great character dynamic--the end is pretty lack luster. I get that it's a "to be continued" kind of thing, however, I dunno. I just feel as though Nigma got played. He's such a great character with such a high intellect, I would have expected more outta the encounter of such a great mind like Damien's and Edward's.

The Unhinged

You wanna talk Unhinged. This nightmare is just insane. First of all you learn quite a bit about the Batman Who Laughs in this issue. While talking at Nigma he says: "You know I AM Batman. But you also know that I'm not. You know than I am something twisted and wrong." I mean those are bone chilling words. The page also makes it even more bone chilling by the fact that all the robins are huddled around him with one even hugging his leg. The other part of this book that's freaking nuts is the reveal of a fifth evil Robin. A robin that says more than "crow". I'll just leave it at that.

Fact is this. If you're reading the DC Metal series, you're going to want to pick up the Tie-Ins. However, some times we get torn on if that story adds to the story of the main. This issue definitely does. It's over the top, it's story driven, and beautifully drawn. It add upon what we learned in Dark Nights Metal # 2 and shows the impact of what's happening with Metal to Gotham. But honestly, even if it didn't I'd still recommend that you pull this one, because the back and forth between Oliver and Damien is totally worth it.