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Comic Books are striking a nerve...and that's just fine.

Remember how I said "The Oz Effect" was putting it on a bit thick? Well apparently it was just enough to send (and lets be honest here) white supremacist over the edge and that's just fucking awesome. As an avid fan of Hip Hop culture and as an artist myself I often critique the new generation of not making socially awakening music. Tracks driven with political awareness and conscious lyrics because that was the foundation the music was built on. Comic Books are no different. They should speak to the times that we're in. X-Men did it during the civil rights movement with Professor X acting as Martin Luther King and Magneto as Malcom X. It was a glorious telling of discrimination, intolerance, and hate. That still shines gloriously to this day.

"DC Comics long ago declared that Superman is no longer American. Where once the hero touted the ideals of 'truth, justice, and the American way,' like a good leftist, Superman is now a 'citizen of the world.'" Touts Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart. Oh You Mad?! This is just pure gold to me. First of all Superman himself is the ULTIMATE immigrant not even being from earth. Secondly, he's stealing a ton of work from American law enforcement. This was okay, but protect some Hispanic workers and your black-listed. Fucking ridiculous. I love how things like this force people to see how ridiculous they truly are, because even though it doesn't register on a conscious level, it resonates with them on a deeper degree that they don't have to openly acknowledge.

Remember when Captain America went black?! Oh I do! And people were not happy. Accused marvel of getting to bogged down with political satire and "picking a side". This was met with the return of White Captain America...aaaaaaaaaand oh yeah, he's a fucking Nazi! Suck balls racist!

Fact is, the world is a pretty fucked place.And unfortunately social and political awareness doesn't come standard for everyone. Some times it take a wake up call to make us This shits fucked. Hip Hop clearing isn't gonna do it for us so it's nice to see that DC and Marvel and going back to what made comics powerful. And though it might be a little over the top at times it's necessary. Because some times you've gotta go over to the top, to set your point strong!

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