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Dark Nights Metal #2 Review: The Dark Nights Rise...

After choking on "The Oz Effect" I turned to something I imagined would refresh and cleanse my comic book palate and Metal Issue 2 didn't disappoint. Not for a single damned second. This second issue in the series jumps right out at you and puts you in awe of just how awesome it is and has the potential to be. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are telling a story of mystery, intrigue, and redemption in this issue that for the first time in my comic reading history makes me feel for the bat.

This issue fast paced and heavy hitting. With Batman on the run, the rest of the league is in hot pursuit of their renegade comrade. From beginning to end this issue takes you on a ride that will make your heart drop by the end of it. I'm on record as saying in my Metal #1 review that I love Batman caused problems and this is one the likes we've never seen as readers. The pandemonium caused in Infinite Crisis pales in comparison to what's to come from Metal. The awesome this here is that there are subtle nods to Final Crisis & The Return Of Bruce Wayne.

And this is where Snyder draws emotion from the reader for Batman. I for one always assume Batman has a fix, and you're reminded that a) he doesn't always come out on top, but b) he's only human. Something that writer Grant Morrison has always conveyed quite well about the Caped Crusader and something that Snyder is nailing on the head right off the back.

This is conveyed perfectly in the dialogue between characters. At one point Superman is talking to Wonder Woman and says how Bruce is scared. More scared than he's ever been. Then later on when Bruce is questioning himself. Asking "Dream" if he's doing the right thing. I personally have never seen Batman have so much self doubt and it's refreshing. The dialogue in this issue is just so good. Snyder if laid a little "Flash Fact" which couldn't have made me smile more. That's not to say that the issue is without flaw writing wise. There is a scene a couple pages in that contain Kendra and a bunch of awesome cameos that offer little to the story other than fluff. I mean, he tries to tie it into the end, however that could have been done without these couple pages. Also there's this one bit of dialogue in this issue that's so corny it's beyond worth mentioning. Superman whisks Batman off his feet, quite literally, when he finds him and says: "We've been friends so long, I know your heartbeat nearly as well as Lois'." I mean what?! I get what Superman is trying to say here, but it's so cheesy it made me feel like I was watching an episode of Dawson's Creek. (Don't Judge!)

That being said, lets get down to the visuals. The shit is wicked. And lets be real, not many can capture a Batman story quite like Capullo can. He just gets it. Couple his lines with Galapion's Ink and Plascencia's Color and the issue just comes to life. From the facial expressions, to the definition, to that very last page that closes the issue out. It is a sight to behold. There is a scene featuring Swamp Thing that you'd expect to be muddy and cluttered, (no pun intended). And it's not. You can see exactly whats happening and it's clear.

This is truly gonna change the DCU forever and I can only hope that some of these Bat-Abominations get a permanent home in the DCU. If you haven't picked up issue 1 because you were on the fence about if this would be a worth while run. Allow me to assure you, it's more than worth while. It's a must read series that we'll be talking about in the comic book culture for years and years to come.

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