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Superman: The OZ Effect (Part I) Review

Superman has never been an interesting character to me. He lacks dimension and frankly character. A reason to read a Superman comic book in my opinion is for the awesome villains and their story. With that out of the way this book only has one thing going for it really...and that's the huge, not so huge bombshell they dropped at the end. It's definitely worth a read but so far nothing too impressive.

First off Mr. Oz doesn't really give you that sinister villain vibe. The whole "your too good for this world" has been done before and way better. Oz sets a plan in motion to show Superman how evil the world can be, but to me this is just stale. I get it that with DC Rebirth (the massive middle finger DC gave us) things are reset so to speak. However, Superman has seen evil, he knows what earth is capable of, it is what it is. Furthermore on one hand I loved how deep, writer Dan Jurgens, goes to show the depravity of mankind. He even holds a mirror up to our society as it is now. However, on the other hand...the pages are over kill. At one point I'm sure there is an indication of child abuse as a man running a sweat shop says: Nameless brats with no future. As good as slaves. We can do anything we want." And the other guy with him eyes a little girl and says: "Indeed". I mean I get what Jurgens is going for but damn is it over the top.

Part of that isn't even the writing. It's not badly written, it's just an overall boring issue really. No true build up, no real release, just an attempt to make us feel sorry for Superman, who's reaction to everything that was happening was sup-par to say the least. Now couple this in with the art choice and this is where you go wrong. In an issue overflowing with gritty content and suggestive situations, one would expect the art style to match the tone. However, for whatever reason Viktor Bogdanovic chose to go in a bubbly, "happy-go-lucky", cartoony direction which does nothing more than confuse and take away from the seriousness of the issue. Even the big pop at the end is downsized by the cartoonish looking reveal. I mean this is the Big Bad. Make him look it. You can tell that Viktor is taking inspiration from Jim Lee and that's more than fine. However, it's just not done right.

Like I stated in the beginning. It's worth a pick up for the reveal at the end, but that just doesn't justify purchasing it really. The cover is probably the best thing about this issue. Lets hope part two can add a bit of dimension and intrigue.

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