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Mister Miracle #2 Review: "FOR NEW GENESIS!"

"Where do you run when the path ahead is your enemy’s triumph and the path behind is your family’s defeat?" I tend to live one step ahead and that is a direct quote from the DC website about Mister Miracle issue #3. However, this review is about #2 and "for New Genesis" is the new "for Darkeid".

This issue truly solidifies Gerards & Kings stamp on this particular legacy of Jack Kirby. First off the issue jumps right out at you with that nine panel layout made famous by the "The Watchmen" series. And it is glorious. The way it's done is like you're watching a movie. Panel to panel flawless art.

Mister Miracle #2 follows he and his wife through the ensuing war. There is a New Highfather in town and his name is Orion. However, nothing in this issue feels quite right and that's something that I love about it. First you have Mister Miracle who seems as though he's losing it more and more. It's as though he can sense something is wrong but can't quite put his finger on it. Then you have Big Barda who seems to be growing distant. Every page turned, every word read makes you want more and more from King and Gerads.

I can't stress enough how effortless Gerads makes bringing true emotions to the characters look. In one scene in particular where Barda and Scott are brought in front of Orion the New Highfather. Scott still refers to him as Orion and the looks on everyone's face is that of pure gold. It's during these panels that you truly get a sense that Orion is up to something and it's definitely nothing good. Later on in the issue you have a full page image broken into 9 panels with our heroes sneaking through the panels. This not only reminded me of some Deadpool stuff, but it eased the tension a little right before dropping a HUGE bomb on you.

If I had to guess I'd say some huge paradigm shifts are coming to the Fourth World and its gonna be nasty. The phrase "Darkseid is." only appeared once this issue and it's during a pretty major scene. This issue is more art than words, but what words there are, are fucking revelations.

All and all, this is a strong follow up issue to the groundwork set in motion by the first. Lets not forget that Mister Miracle tried to kill himself and this could all be a side affect of that. Or it could very well be reality. There's so much that happens that keeps the reader guessing here that this is ride you're gonna want to strap in for and just enjoy the free fall!

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