Black Manta...Did Injustice 2 just make me a fan...

Aquaman Vol. 8 #6

So with the reveal of Black Manta in Injustice 2 and the turn around his character made me do I decided to do write up a little article on the history of Black Manta. Having not known his origin I knew I'd have to do a little research, but once again I find Black Manta to be much more amazing that I could have imagined and I can't believe I've slept on him for so long.

First of all, as with a lot of DC properties, his origin story isn't definitive, however, the one that's on the DC Wiki site goes as such. The youngling who would become Black Manta was autistic, grew up in Baltimore, and loved to play by the sea. At some point during his childhood he was kidnapped and forced to work on a ship for an unspecified amount of time. Forced to defend himself, he killed one of his kidnappers. Before this turning point however, he at one time during this unspecified length at sea saw Aquaman and tried to signal for help but was not seen. All of this culminated in him hating Aquaman and hating what he represents, the "emotionless" sea. This child dedicated his life to besting Aquaman, becoming the Master of the Sea, and became the villain that we all know today. Black Manta. Like what!? Who stabs a guy, escapes a boat, and then goes Aquaman and the Sea is my enemy? A crazy person, that's who.

A person so crazy that he kidnapped Aquaman's first born baby once upon a time and force Aquaman and Aqualad to fight to the death in an Arena. However, they were able to escape and save themselves but were not able to save Aquababy whom suffocated in the chamber Black Manta put him in! 😨 😨 I mean come on. This man is absolutely devious and I ain't even know. I mean I love me a good villain. Joker, Lex Luthor, Doctor Light...and I never once knew about the madness that was Black Manta!? It also helps one appreciate Aquaman a bit more and if Black Manta isn't the villain in the upcoming Aquaman movie DC is really dropping the ball.

Lets talk gear. The man rocks two swords that he can electrify at will. He has a Harpoon gun that launches various types of harpoons and can ALSO deliver sever shocks. He has the accuracy to shoot a necklace of a person without harming the person. He's got freaking EYE lasers so powerful that they can burn Aquaman's mythical armor right off. However, his armor is built to last. It can withstand hydrokenisis, boiling water, and more. It's can only be worn by him in the sense that one site says that it's water-tight on a microscopic level. (SAY WORD!?) Oh and it also has a camouflage mode, you biggie! The man is dressed like an asshole but is a complete tank! He can use damn near anything as a weapon, has enough strength to kick down metal doors, and can & has bested Aquaman on several occasions. He's basically the Deathstroke of underwater combat.

All and all the character is way more intense than I could have thought. He's definitely worth a read and I couldn't be happier that Injustice 2 has another African American character and that he's such a bad-ass. His move sets look solid, his super is amazeballs, and his victory outro is the thing of dreams! All hail the King!

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