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It's Always Been Destiny...

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

You know, when Destiny (D1) was released September, 9th, 2014, I was one of the thousands of people who jumped in line and snagged me a copy. Now my line was a download que and my copy was digital. However, when the game launched I played from day one. Digital Deluxe, expansion pass, the works. I played till I maxed level. I played till I beat all content. I played till I was bored...from there I geeked out on House Of Wolves, The Dark Below, The Taken King, and Rise of Iron. I never complained and I never bitched. I gladly "threw my money at the screen" and played on. I even bought the collectors edition of the Taken King for content I already owned for a few extra trinkets. When Destiny 2 (D2) was officially announced. I was beyond excited. When it was confirmed they were started you from scratch...I was bummed. When I saw the reveal show, I was disappointed. The more and more I found out about the game I became more and more a cynic. Then I played the beta...this isn't an article about why Destiny 2 will suck, or why it'll be good. This isn't an piece on how the beta changed my mind. This is an article about why I will buy Destiny 2 and why I remain hopeful.

Off the back I want to say I plan to forget everything about Destiny 1, because that's where my cynicism is rooted. I expected much from that game and was disappointed. A disappointment that was deeply trigger by the announcement of Destiny 2. So in the way that our characters are being made to start from nothing...I too will start with a blank slate and an open mind. I will also force myself to accept that this is not a traditional M.M.O.R.P.G. It will never offer a true open world experience and that's just fine. I will also accept that as far as I can tell the lose ends of D1 will never be wrapped up. Questions like: What happened to the Stranger? Is the Queen of the Reef truly dead? What happened to her brother? What was Eris Morn talking about at the end of the Taken King? etc. In doing all of this I hope that it allows me to forget how similar the D1 and D2 are, how lacking the first was, and allows me to see Destiny 2 for what it is. The Destiny game we should have got in the first place.

With all the above being said. I wanted to be given a reason to want to buy Destiny. I started judging D2 very harshly. Because I wanted more...but I didn't want the world I was used to be taken away. I didn't understand why I couldn't bring the items I had on me forward to the new worlds or take the new items I attain with me back to the old worlds. I was okay paying for new content. However, to quote one of my good friends, who I partially convinced to purchase D1: "I'm not cool with abandoning a whole game I bought a lot of expansions for. Games like Final Fantasy Online and Everquest can be played for years after expansions come out. However, I feel like as thought Bungie and Activison do like us that much because I want to feel free to return to the old world" Now I'm paraphrasing some of that but the over all feeling is the same. It's not the loss of character item...but the loss of progress that upset him. It's the loss of progress that upset me. Like I said I wanted to want Destiny but I needed to feel like I wasn't just falling victim to fanboy mindless consumption.

Then the most recent news came to light. Youtube was all a buzz after reading an article from Edge magazine. Youtube personality in the Destiny Community, My Name Is Byf had the most notable information. He posted a video stating how D2 will have a coherent and entertaining story line. This to me was great news as I'm sure it was to all of you reading this article. My thing is if you're not going to deliver on content at least give me a story line I can sink my teeth into and it looks like Bungie plans to do just that. My Name Is Byf goes on to detail how bosses will test skill not fire power and that there are a total of over 80 missions and activities in D2 with at least 55 hours of missions. Take that as you will but it's looking good for content and suggests that we will not hit a content drought any time soon after buying. At least those of us who aren't aren't playing it hardcore...

This news coupled with larger maps, more efficient travel options, the introduction of Clan Support, Guided Games, and Clan Loot. This gave me the push I needed to want to pre-order this game. Now maybe I was always going to buy this game, but it feels good to know that I will be able play a game that rewards me for the time I put in with great gear, awesome story, and wicked content. I'm tired of taking about what the game should be. I'll let E.S.O be E.S.O. Warframe be Warframe. W.o.W be W.o.W. . .and I will let Destiny be Destiny.

There is still much to be seen from the game and even more still up in the air. However, to me it worth the plunge. In letting go of everything Destiny was, allows me to appreciate everything that Destiny 2 could be. The facts are Bungie is a great company. They fucking gave us Halo & Masterchief. They teamed up with Activision, who despite their money hungry ways delivers great content. So I'll take Destiny 2 for what it is and see where it takes me!

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