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Geek Unhinged is dedicated to providing some of the best content the internet has to offer. We do this not only honestly but unadulterated. Which is why we consider ourselves to be the voice of the Culture. So when people want the hardcore truth, they come to Geek Unhinged. Tech, Comics, Movies, you name it. Geek Unhinged is the number one location for it all.

Fact is that in an industry encompassed by clicks and cheap content with no substance, Geek Unhinged wants to help your brand go big. If you opt to advertise through us, without doubt we will develop branded content that taps into Geek Unhinged's deep and unadulterated subject matter expertise. And you can't go wrong with honesty.

Together we can do some major things:

Editorial Content Integration aligned with our expertise and honest reviews. We'll also offer content distribution across our internal net of brands and social media of not only Geek Unhinged but of our content providers as well. Imagine your advertisement in comic book form. Or in one of our weekly comic strips. With G.U the potential is limitless. 

Providing content on the web is a hard job, but we love to do it. With your advertising and our know how. We can ensure that your dream and ours lives on for years to come. If you have any questions about how to get the ball rolling. Reach out to the Advertising Department. We look forward to hearing from you!

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