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Meet the man behind the VIsion

Jonathan Quamina is a true character in every sense of the word. He's been a Radio Personality for an indie radio show titled  "My Time Now" on More Like Radio. He's performed Hip Hop under the alias Sir Darkseid. And outside of being known for causing controversy, he is also best known for developing lyrically powerful content that blends Hip Hop, Comic Book, Anime, and Gaming Culture. So obviously creating a website was the next logical thing for him to do.​

His passion and love for all things "nerdy" and his "damn the torpedoes" attitude makes for the perfect content creation. His opinions and content have landed him interviews with the Jace Hall Show as well as B.B.C News. So you can be assured that his content will always be insightful and at least head turning.

Geek Unhinged was created not just as an outlet for him, but for anyone who was told their content wasn't good enough. For anyone looking for a stepping stone to start their career in content creation. Or for people just looking for an honest, unbiased, real review. We are more than a website. This is more than content creation. This is a lifestyle. So let us show you how we live!

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